Table Modules

  • To create a Table module click on the button to add a Module.
  • Give your table module a name
  • Check the box "Table"
  • A new colomn of rights become visible for the different departments.
  • Check the box of "Change rows" of the departments which must be able to fill the fields of the table.
  • Click Edit to save your changes TODO: change Edit to "Save"?
  • Drop the fields you require from the righthand menu into your Table module.
  • Save your Form
  • When you create a new document you will see the Table module - click on the bar to open the module


  • Click +Add Row to create an empty row
  • Check a specific row and click on Copy row(s) to create a copy of a filled row
  • Check a specific row and click on Delete row(s) to delete a row

Using calculations in a table

It is possible to use calculations in a table, for example when you want to calculate the total cost of x amount of a product or to show the price / BTW amounts

TODO show more examples here

TODO Using a transformation to copy information from a table to another form (purchase order to asset)