During the course of completing a document or task it can be necessary for different people to work on a certain process.
Boost allows you to do this by Assigning documents to people. In this way a person can get an email when he/she needs to take the next step in the process.

When this person has done his/her part of the process they can Assign it to someone else or mark it as complete

Making a Form (Document) assignable

  1. Under Form Setting set the Form as Assignable for the Departments that will be using it

  2. Add an Assign module to your Form bij clicking the + Assign button


    • An Assign module including 4 predefined fields will be added to your Form.


Using the Assign function (can only be used when the Annonymous user has rights to the Form)

When you have created a new document you can Assign the document to the next person in the process by clicking on the Assign button assign_icon at the bottom of the document and filling in the required information

  • By using the persons Boost email address you will make it possible for the person to go directly to the document without logging into Boost first.


  • Once you have sent the message you can click on the Assign module to see a list of the people that the document has been assigned too. This way you can keep track of a given process.