Once you have created an empty form you can add different Modules to your form.
A Module can be seen as a "heading" for grouping specific fields together (eg. General, Personal information, Administration etc.)

  • Click the Module button


  • Add a Module name

  • Select whether the Module will contain a table.
    If you choose this option an extra column of rights ('Change rows') become visible for the different departments


  • Select whether the Module will be visible

  • Select which Departments will have access to the specific Module and whether they can Edit or View the Module

  • Click on Edit to add the module to your Form

You will now see your newly created Module with a "Drop component here" field

Every module has 4 icons you can use


  • Collapse/Expand
  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Delete

You can start filling your Form by dragging the required fields to the different modules