Welcome to the Boost User Manual

This is a living document so it gets updated frequently - check again soon.

Boost is a tool that is aimed at helping businesses to automate all of their administrative processes and eventually completely replace paper and filing cabinets.

Boost tries to do this by representing information in an intelligent way so that actions and workflows can be automated without duplicating information. As an example, Boost can help you manage all of your contracts and provides the possibility to add logic like watching for expiry dates without having to add additional systems where data is duplicated from the original source. In other words, Boost knows when a contract expires becaus Boost understands the data in your document - it is not simply a scan.

The only thing preventing you from comlpletely automating all of your boring and repetetive admin tasks is implementing them in Boost.

This manual will try to show you the possibilities in Boost and how to apply this to your own business.

There are 2 types of users in Boost:

  • Boost Administrators who prepare the system to allow users to do their administrative tasks in Boost.
  • Boost users who perform their daily administrative work in a Boost sysem that was prepared by a Boost Administrator for them.

If you want to be able to set up Boost on your own, you will need to understand a little bit more of the basics of Boost. This document is aimed to help you understand the basic functionality of Boost so that you can manage your own Boost environment.

In the first section (Overview) we will give some examples of what Boost is currently being used for to give an idea of the possibilities.

The second section (Setting up Boost) will describe the core concepts of the Boost ecosystem. Understanding these basics will help you to understand how to implement your business processes in Boost.

In the third section (Examples), we will review some basic use cases to give an idea of what Boost can do for you. The focus of this section will be to describe the functionality implemented in Boost and how to use it. This section is targeted more towards people using Boost in their daily activities and not Boost administrators as such.

The last section (HOWTOs) will provide a detailed set of examples to show how to implement different use cases in Boost.

If you have any questions or problems, you can alsways reach out to the Boost development team through the support chat app. Simply open the Boost application at (Boost)[], click on the chat dialog in the bottom right and send us a message. We are not monitoring the chat 24x7, but will get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind Regards

The Boost Team