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No technical knowledge required.
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Automate your business

Set up simple workflows to streamline your day-to-day processes. Quickly see what needs to be done and identify potential bottlenecks. Boost's reporting functionality gives you a good visual overview of the status of your business.

Manage information, not documents

With Boost, you can ignore al the boilerplate and the system recognises the core information. When configured properly, this information can help you manage the complete workflow of your business.

No technical knowledge required

You need only basic knowledge to operate the system and knowledge of your own processes - no scripting, xml, configuration formats, relational data models or other technical knowledge is required.

What our clients say about Boost

Great, informal way of working together with Boost! Looking forward and curious about the final result.
We have been using Boost to simplify and better manage our procurement process with great success!  We look forward to working with Boost to simplify billing, contract management and filing in the future.
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