Questionnaires / Application forms

Boost can be used to automate an application process. In this example we use the application form of an organization that hosts trainings

The Process

  • Applicationform is filled in via the website.
  • Applicant receives an email with a link to the application form and the possibility to sign the application and make it definite
  • The organization receives a mail of the new application
  • An invoice is created (and can be sent to the bookkeeping application automatically)
  • If the application remains unsigned the applicant receives an automated reminder after 7 days, 14 days and 30 days

Steps in Boost

Application Form

The form is dynamic based on the location the applicant chooses.

The form has 5 sections that must each be completed and then the Next button must be clicked.

Section 1 General:
The first option is to select a location - this will determine what trainings will be offered to choose from.
This selection will customize the rest of the form.
The next question determines if you have previously followed a training and are thus kown as debtor, or whether you are new.

Section 2 Applicant:
Contains all the questions regarding the applicant.
You have the option to add another applicant (up to 4).

Section 3 Parents/caregivers:
In this section all the information regarding the partents/caregivers are filled in (when applicable) .

Section 4 Payment section:
This section contains the billing information.

Section 5 Permission and signature:
This section contains permission for use of media, a link to the terms and conditions and the name and email address where the document will be sent to be signed.


In this form you add the products you offer.


In this form you add the lessons, connected to a specific product. Here you can specify a day and time and the cost per lesson.


Here you configure the pdf that the applicant receives

Email templates

The following email templates are used to automate the process:

  • Confirmation of the application - to be sent to applicant
  • Confirmation of application - to be sent to the organization
  • Reminder - 1st reminder after 7 days
  • Second Reminder - 2nd reminder after 14 days and again after 30 days


Filter new

  • Fill in the necessary fields (take note of group spelling so that is shows under the correct group on the home screen)
  • Click on Search
  • Click Save
  • Note - Filter new runs a transformation to create an invoice for a new application

Filter Confirmation Organization This triggers the mail being sent to the location

Filter First reminder

Filter 2e reminder

Filter expired


A transformation is used to create an invoice from the field in the application form