• Fill in Proposal details
  • Send mail for Functional and Legal review
  • Send Proposal to (prospective) Client
  • Receive feedback from client
  • Create new Client from within Proposal
  • Automatically send reminder on 5, 14 and 30 days
  • Automatically cancel proposal after 30 days of no feedback

Steps in Boost

Proposal Form

The Proposal form consists of the following Modules:


  • Client reference - this field gets filled when you create a new Proposal from the Client form
  • Project name
  • Reference number
  • Date
  • Company name (if it is a new company)
  • Contact person
  • Email address of contact
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Author
  • Author email
  • Proposal


  • Description
  • Set-up fee (once off)
  • Recurring Fee (monthly recurring fee)
  • Annual fee (yearly recurring fee)


  • Terms and Conditions
  • Data processing statement
  • Products and Services
  • Security document
  • Additional documents


  • Status
  • Notes
  • Date sent
  • Date accepted
  • Delivery date
  • All fee fields


Create a template containing all the relevant information from the filled in Proposal

Email templates

  • Functional review
  • Proposal email to be sent to client
  • 5 day - confirmation of receipt
  • 14 day reminder
  • 30 day cancellation notice

Filters and Workflow

  • New
  • Under review
  • Sent
  • Feedback received - When a client replies on the proposal the status is automatically updated to Feedback received
  • Accepted
  • Delivered
  • 5 day - confirmation of receipt - a client automatically receives an email 5 days after the proposal is sent and has not been approved.
  • 14 day reminder - a client automatically receives an email 14 days if the proposal has not been approved.
  • 30 day cancellation notice - if not approved the client automatically receives an email 30 days stating that the proposal has been cancelled.


  • Create new proposal from client - This transformation copies the relevant fields from the Client form to create a new Proposal
  • Create new client from proposal - This tranformation copies the Company information to create a new client when the company requesting the proposal was not an existing client.