Boost was developed to help businesses automate their paper driven processes and specifically help in improving the handling of error prone repetitive document based manual work.

Boost achieves this by allowing you to create digital representations of all the documents that you regularly use in your business and then create workflows to use and apply these documents as you would with real paper. (Except no trees have to die)

Boost does not store data in the traditional sense like a scan or a PDF of a document but uses a structured model that allows Boost to use the information in the document to help you complete your normal administrative tasks.

Examples of the possibilities in Boost

Click on a subject to see a detailed description of the specific functions.

For your convenience we have prepared a basic company template, the SMB One Stop Shop This template contains everything you need for managing your small to medium sized business. You can import the Form templates into your own Boost system. These forms are predefined but can always be customised to your specific needs - all you need to do it check out the user manuals or ask our support staff.


Procurement and Asset Management

You can use Boost to administer your Procurement by using a Puchase order. Once the item is delivered you can seamlessly add your item to your Asset Register.

Cost declarations

You can use Boost to capture cost declarations from your staff


One of the most used cases in Boost is to automate invoicing for your company. Invoicing is obviously one of the most important activities of your company, and mostly not your core business, so the better this process is organised, the better for you to focus on your core business.

Contract Management

You can use Boost to monitor contracts on expiry date and trigger the necessary workflow required for renewal. This is possible because each value in a contract is an integral part of the contract definition and not simply a piece of text in a document or an additional metadata field that had to be added manually in a document managent system.


Job applications

Employee contracts

Performance evaluation

Holiday administration


CRM system

Quality management system

Property rental management system

Support system (Proposal, Ticketing system)

Part of running a business is creating Proposals for new clients. In Boost this whole process can be automated.