Helpdesk Ticketing and Support system

Boost can be used to create a support ticketing system


  • Ticket is created by using a link to the Boost form. This link can be integrated on your website
  • Ticket is assigned to a support user
  • Support user can update ticket status and record all the steps taken to solve the problem

Steps in Boost


The support form consists of the following modules

General In this section all the information about the support request is filled in. It consists of the following fields:

  • Subject
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company
  • Description of problem - wysiwig component in order to use formatting
  • Urgency
  • Due Date


  • Status
  • Date created
  • Last updated
  • Ticket ID
  • Resolution date
  • Resolution description
  • Assignee
  • Internal notes


  • Date
  • Support user
  • Comment
  • Action


  • Description
  • File

Email templates

  • Ticket confirmation
  • Ticket put into progress
  • Ticket is resolved