CRM system

In this example we use Boost to create a easy to use CRM for a company that sells educational books.


The CRM consists of

  • Organizations - can be linked to multiple locations
  • Locations
  • Contactpersons - can be linked to multiple locations
  • Contact reports of meetings with (potential) customers
  • The possibility to create follow-up Meetings
  • A Customer satisfaction questionnaire


  • Name
  • KVK
  • Type of organizationbedrijf - to add extra types go to Types of Organizations

Types of Organizations

Add the different types of organizations you work with.


Here you add the locations of the abovementioned Organizations.
From here you can go to the linked Contactpersons, Debtor and Contact Reports

This form consists of:

  • General information
  • Invoice address


All the information of the contactperson(s) can be added here.
A contactperson can be linked to multiple locations.
From here you can link to the Contact Reports, Meetings, Customer Service and the Location.
With a click of a button you can create a new Contact report. Essential information will be automatically added after which you can fill in the details of the interaction.

Contact reports

During a meeting the information and arrangements made can be documented here.
You can fill in:

  • Location
  • The contactperson (will be autofilled)
  • The loction the contact is linked to
  • The CRM employee responsible for the meeting
  • The report of the meeting
    • Subject
    • Date of meeting
    • What product was discussed
    • Which type of communication method was used (phone, email, meeting in person etc.)
    • Status of the interaction
    • Full description of the interaction

By clicking on the button Meeting you can create a new meeting to immediately schedule follow-up meetings.


You can create a new meeting from the Contact Report or add a new one by using the + When creating a new meeting from the Contact Report the Contactperson and Location will automatically be filled from Contact Report, the telephone number and emailaddress will automatically be filled from Contactperson.
Further information required is:

  • Date of the follow-up meeting
  • Action points

Here you can define filters to show and/or send notifications for eg. meetings happening in the following week or following two weeks

Customer satisfaction questionnaire

Here you can define a questionnaire.